It’s Friday and I am in the mood to Flash!!!

imagesMan is the only creature who has a nasty mind – Mark Twain

She sits in her long wool coat, waiting.  Passenger after passenger gets off the plane and still no sign of her love.  Her hands tremble with anticipation, moisture and heat radiating from between her legs.  What am I doing, she thinks – her thought interrupted as her love walks off plane. Eyes link, and they both smile.

“You came to meet me? You hate airports.” Her lover said wrapping her in a hug. “Why are you in a wool coat it is almost 60 degrees outside?”

She sheepishly looks down at her coat. Opens her coat and cocoons her lover in with her – and smiles. “Surprise” is all she says.



My part in a WordPress Challenge


What comes first?

Ha, that is a loaded question – ha – that is funny too.  Okay, so now that my 12 year-old mind has been revealed, what I was referring to was title vs story.  What comes first?  Does the story generate the title or does the title drive the story?

I know you want me to get to the writing – but I am a whopping 24 hours in and I am stumped… I have bits of story in my head but then I get all wrapped up in the TITLE.  I mean some titles are amazing and some – well some are “punny.”

romance books

Title is important as you want to grab the reader, hook them into the story.  But with out the story you cannot have a title.  Okay – so for me to move on I need a story – oh I have that.  Then the title – yup have that.  Well all that is left is to write.  Okay off to write – keep posted I will try to add some each day.

Oh and I am still not sure which came first – but as long as you read my story – it doesn’t matter.

Why write Erotica?

I was talking with a friend who edits books for a living.  She was telling me that there is a market out there for erotic books and that I should write some.  Errr… who me?  What do I know about being erotic? What do I know about writing?  Sure I have a degree in communication but… really… well.

It does sound fun though.  It sounds bad – and good.  Maybe not being that “experienced” will cater to a certain audience who wants innocence – or maybe my innocence isn’t that innocent.

harlequin_01Being honest, when I start thing about writing erotica – I think of a romance novel cover with the strapping man on front, chest bared, clutching a fair maiden in an embrace that stops time.  Not the kind of writing I am into – maybe if it was a woman in tight jeans, tank top, and tattoos – looking into the eyes of another woman longing for the touch of each other? Wait how about a handsome young businessman, tie loosened, hand resting on the rock hard abs of his sleeping lover. I don’t see myself as a cleaving bosom writer, or one who makes the male the strongest charterer – yes this could be fun.

So I will start here, with a very public audience.  Go big or go home, right?  Who knows – we both might like it.