Through Squinted Eyes

Aldgate to Liverpool Street by Caroline Hall

Aldgate to Liverpool Street by Caroline Hall –View more of Carolines work at: Caroline Hall


I can hear the birds singing and know it is time to wake. You come in my room, through my squinted eyes I see the sunny orange glow of morning light and you in the middle – your paint-splattered blue jeans on.

“You awake love?” you softly ask and I mumble a response. I reach my arm out and when you grab my hand I pull you down to me. “Let’s stay in bed all day, please?” You nuzzled next to me, “I have to finish my project, and you know that.”

Sighing as I slowly take off my tee “I know, but I could be a project too if you would like – you could paint me…You can paint here” and I touch my chest.

You jump up “I’ll be right back.” I lay with my eyes closed waiting and hear you coming back. I feel the cool touch of paint as you start stroking my body. I open my eyes and see the colors of love.


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