Why write Erotica?

I was talking with a friend who edits books for a living.  She was telling me that there is a market out there for erotic books and that I should write some.  Errr… who me?  What do I know about being erotic? What do I know about writing?  Sure I have a degree in communication but… really… well.

It does sound fun though.  It sounds bad – and good.  Maybe not being that “experienced” will cater to a certain audience who wants innocence – or maybe my innocence isn’t that innocent.

harlequin_01Being honest, when I start thing about writing erotica – I think of a romance novel cover with the strapping man on front, chest bared, clutching a fair maiden in an embrace that stops time.  Not the kind of writing I am into – maybe if it was a woman in tight jeans, tank top, and tattoos – looking into the eyes of another woman longing for the touch of each other? Wait how about a handsome young businessman, tie loosened, hand resting on the rock hard abs of his sleeping lover. I don’t see myself as a cleaving bosom writer, or one who makes the male the strongest charterer – yes this could be fun.

So I will start here, with a very public audience.  Go big or go home, right?  Who knows – we both might like it.


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