What comes first?

Ha, that is a loaded question – ha – that is funny too.  Okay, so now that my 12 year-old mind has been revealed, what I was referring to was title vs story.  What comes first?  Does the story generate the title or does the title drive the story?

I know you want me to get to the writing – but I am a whopping 24 hours in and I am stumped… I have bits of story in my head but then I get all wrapped up in the TITLE.  I mean some titles are amazing and some – well some are “punny.”

romance books

Title is important as you want to grab the reader, hook them into the story.  But with out the story you cannot have a title.  Okay – so for me to move on I need a story – oh I have that.  Then the title – yup have that.  Well all that is left is to write.  Okay off to write – keep posted I will try to add some each day.

Oh and I am still not sure which came first – but as long as you read my story – it doesn’t matter.


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